IVF Expenses

I am sharing a lot of intimate information on this blog. After discussing my ladybits at length it seems odd to not share the finances. Especially seeing as some of you might be considering a little trip here for some medical tourism, and everyone enjoys being nosy about this I think.

So here’s a breakdown of our expenses so far….gulp.

  • initial doctors consultation including blood test and ultrasound: 100 GBP
  • blood test and ultra sound on month we started treatment: 100 GBP
  • 1 straw of donor sperm inc shipping to Thailand: 423 GBP
  • import fees and freezing and storage of donor sperm at our clinic : 220 GBP
  • IVF package at our clinic, inc stimulation and trigger drugs, egg retrieval and egg collection: 3200 GBP
  • Medicines to get body ready for treatment 80 GBP
  • blood test to check if ready for transfer, fee for freezing additional embryos, fee for refreezing left over sperm, hormones to get ready for a frozen transfer: 440 GB
  • Top up medicines for transfer 80 GBP
  • Defrosting of eggs for Frozen Embryo Transfer, medicines to sustain possible pregnancy: 440 GBP.
  • Beta, more drugs and an intramuscular injection 86 GBP.
  • Beta 2, more drugs and another injection 86 GBP.
  • Ultrasound, drugs and injection 160 GBP
  • Utrasound, drugs and injection 160 GBP
  • Ultrasound, drugs and injection 160 GBP
  • Ultrasound, blood test, vitamins and injection 120 GBP
  • 16 week ultrasound and pointless chat with a nosy doctor 71GBP.

One of the first things we asked at the initial consultation was how much it would cost. We are not exactly rolling in it. We were prewarned about all of the sperm fees, the IVF package and the cost for storing additional embryos if we got a lot from the transfer.  So we prepared to pay 4283 GBP. Our actual total was 5,906. That’s 1703 GBP of unexpected bills handed to us on our way out, with no preparation time.  Goodbye evenings with friends, hello cheap street food and nights at home.

We were told an additional FET would cost 800 GBP.  But in fact we think it will cost at least 1,240 GBP as they do not automatically factor in the cost of medicines and defrosting. Why not, I hear you ask? Beats me.

I haven’t really investigated IVF costs in other countries so I don’t know how we compare here. I do know that a lot of big promises are being made online and people should be careful when planning medical fertility tourism. Agents will make life easy for you and hold your hand throughout the process but can and will charge an additional 500 GBP+ more than going directly to a clinic. If you’ve got money to burn, great. Good for you. Go for it. If not try sorting things out yourself.

My doctor speaks English well and is able to explain everything clearly. The nurses don’t but they know enough and we get by. It is very easy to negotiate your way around Bangkok and you wont have a problem travelling or finding a hotel.

Regardless don’t put your heart on the first quotes given. There will be a lot of hidden costs.


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