Internet Searches

I was browsing through my stats page today when I came across a search term someone had used to find my blog:
‘Xxx. porn.milk.labour.lesbian”
My initial feeling was “Ew.” (of course that’s a feeling!)
Then I saw that they read (or looked at) 4 posts. Did they think that they’d find lesbian labour porn on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th post after being unlucky with the first?
Did my writing impress them so much that they delayed their porn hunt in order to read my blog?
New feeling was “check me!” (yes, also a feeling).
Or did my blog turn them on despite its lack of XXX lesbian labour milking porn?
Back to “Ew.”


11 thoughts on “Internet Searches

  1. Ew. Someone (or a really weird computer) a while back found my site via a search for yay seed footsie pajamas or something like that. You know what my blog never mentioned anything related to? That.

  2. One of my blog posts has the phrase ‘school girl shit’ (as in someone behaving in a childish way) in the title. The amount of shudder inducing search terms that find my blog as a result of this is making me seriously consider renaming the blog post. People (let’s be honest, men) are fucking gross.
    But hilarious they carried on reading!

    • Gads! People (mostly men) ARE fucking gross. I support this summation. I wonder if I should add a huge, judgy disclaimer to my worst offerender titles (like ‘in the boudoir of a pregnant lesbian’). Something witty that makes them feel really small (not in stature 🙂 )

    • Apparently. Actually I feel like he/she educated me. My search engine stats are demonstrating that there are porn niches beyond my wildest…nightmares.

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