Wife of werewolf seeks visa….


Hello hello!

So, here I am, now over 16 weeks in…

I’ve started wearing a wrist support when sleeping and if I’m working at my computer a lot. It’s made a world of difference. A few kids were nosy and asked what happened to my hand. I told them my wrist was sore so I wore it to help. They then asked me if I had been playing too much Minecraft. Is this a thing? Are there 10 year olds out there with carpal tunnel because they can’t stop playing computer games??

We took a belly pic 2 weeks ago and the other day and you can really see my bump rising. Tres bizarre! Of course my crazy brain has translated the change in shape into doom and gloom- the baby has stopped growing/ is getting smaller, something must be wrong! Never mind that I remain ravenous every 2 hours and yesterday evening there was a definite fluttering which wasn’t followed by an enormous episode of flatulence. Only 2 more days to go until the next ultrasound, thank goodness. I don’t know how people out there survive with so few scans.

The ‘Great Thai Escape’ plan has been stalled by me having to deal with various government agencies. I’m waiting for the UK to send me a new passport with my new name before I can book flights. We also have to wait until 3 months before we travel before we can apply for WW’s visa. I’m sure the flight prices will rise loads by then so I’m going to go ahead and book them whilst crossing eyes, toes and tongues that we will, in fact, be able to use them.  In the meantime I am gathering up all the information we need to support her application including: passport copies for me, her, my dad and possibly our neighbors’ dog, our civil partnership certificate (depending on whether or not it is returned with my new passport), my finances, her finances, her parents finances, my parents finances, our cities finances and a pay slip from our taxi driver, proof of our meager possessions, my contract, payslips dating back the last 28 years, an application form which has to be completed online and then printed, proof we live together, a letter from me, WW, my dad and Santa…and a bunch more stuff I can’t remember right now. My theory is if you clobber them with enough paperwork they can’t refuse you. We’ll see if it works…

As far as other symptoms go I have reached an unprecedented level of hairiness. The other day WW pulled a 4 inch long hair from my shoulder. My shoulder! What possible reason could my pregnant body have for growing a four inch hair on my shoulder?? What was once a faint, sparse snail trail has grown and expanded, spreading a soft, downy carpet across my large belly. Also, hobbit feet.

I was searching for a funny werewolf pic and came across this…scared the crap out of me!

Thankfully my face remains unwerewolfy, and miraculously blemish free. Jinx. I bet my next post will see me moaning about crater face.

I got my eating a little more under control and as a result my crazy weight gain has slowed to a slightly more appropriate speed. I’ve been taking a little nostalgic stroll back through morning sickness the last few days but generally I’ve felt fine in this front. Current food favs are raisin bran and twixes.  Not together…although…

I think that’s about it. Back soon with an ultrasound update.



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