Countdown-ing. (totally a word!)

Today my half functioning brain is full of different count downs.

  • 4 days until school holidays. 4 more days of watching Home Alone, The Snowman, The Grinch and other classics with all my students. 4 more days of deep breathing in the bathroom trying not to vom between classes. Four more days of doing the ‘gotta pee’ dance during 45 minutes lessons.
  • 7 days until we move house. 7 days left to locate boxes, pack our large, messy lives, find someone to help us move and find someone to buy our wanted stuff. Current number of things on this list checked off- zero. Ahhhh.
  • 4 more weeks (fingers crossed, jinx, touch wood) until I can tell people I’m no longer alone in my body. I’m crap at secrets and this one has been a doozie to keep.
  • 4 more weeks (fingers crossed etc) of feeling sick and being unable to eat anything except toast and fruit smoothies. And four more weeks of slimy, gross progesterone bullets.
  • Approximately 1 week until my tits finally explode out of my bras.
  • 13 days until I am faced with trying to eat a huge and expensive Christmas dinner buffet. Possibly this was a mistake, in retrospect. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick for the first time this pregnancy all over the goose.


What are you guys counting down to?



  • 1 hour until I have another meeting with the company insurance lady. Here’s hoping she has more definitive answers for me today than ‘Mmmm.’

4 thoughts on “Countdown-ing. (totally a word!)

  1. A little over two months until my wife and I start trying. Assuming I ovulate 14 days before CD1, I’ll be ovulating on Feb 28th. (note to self: get opk so I have some clue).

  2. Four days left of work, four days also until Christmas concerts, five days until we leave for the eastern part of the country for the holidays, and three weeks until my next prenatal appointment…and lots of weeks (7) until the next ultrasound, which is 3D!!

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