Farting and Feminism


Well I’ve completely sucked at blogging recently. I used to spend my afternoons writing to you guys but I’ve been busy recently…napping. Apologies. I also have very little to talk about except wanting to puke and farting. I wasn’t sure a daily post concerning these two topics would enthrall you.

Tiredness is a big factor at the moment. I’m taking an hour or two nap once a day and falling asleep around 8pm. I wake up every two hours to pee with a new, crazy dream every sleep block including, but not limited to: snakes, drowning, telling my mother, x-rated sauciness, food, peeing and out of control students. I’ve never really paid much attention to the meaning behind dreams but this list doesn’t feel like it reflects a happy and balanced mind, now that I look at it. Anyhoo, after a lot of subconscious nuttiness I wake up between 4 and 5 and see what’s going on in the blogging world, and check to see if the country has imploded. Which it hasn’t..yet.

The political unrest here hasn’t improved although, so far it has been more peaceful. An estimated 5 million people took to the streets yesterday to march and demand an unelected people’s council. My friend Rox over at http://becomingtwinmummies.wordpress.com/ shared this quote earlier regarding the situation:

Anjana Tang Suvarnananda “Thailand is probably the first country in the world to see its middle class citizens come out on the streets demanding an outright dictatorship instead of democracy. Dictators of the world can only dream of.” — Credit to someone else, not my own words.

Scarily, this pretty much sums things up. The PM dissolved the government and planned a new election in February but the protesters are not happy as they will inevitably lose the election and wind up with the same government in power. So they want a non-elected, non-politician, whom they presume would be devoid of corruption. I find myself unimpressed by any of the politicians. I am yet to hear of any who don’t have a long history of mischief and misdeeds. But an unelected ruler? Sounds a little frightening.

Political alliances aside, I am furious with the PM. Here is Thailand’s first elected female prime minister. Yay feminism, thought I, when I first heard. But, much like the infamous Maggie Thatcher, I feel she is doing more harm to the women’s right movement than I would have believed possible. Although for completely different reasons than Mags. Every time things get a little heated (or, to be fair, a lot heated) she finds herself a TV camera and turns on the waterworks. Seriously, what the frick? We’ve all had hard days at work, but you can’t start crying and hope everyone will feel sorry for you and back off!! And quotes like ‘I will stand up to the protesters, even though I’m just a woman’ aren’t helping your cause either, you nitwit. Why would a penis make it easier to watch you’re capital’s entire middle class population come stomping up the road to bang on your door and demand you, ahem, relocate??

Grrrr. Yingluck’s nickname is Pu. ‘Nuf said I think. Rant over. Back to the indigestion though :-). If anyone has any tips, hints or old wives tales on how to avoid the whale/beach ball evening look and the resulting stinkiness I’m all ears. Really, do share.

The food issues are getting more complicated by the hour. At the moment fruits are in. And there the healthiness stops. Fried onions, eggs, milk, meat with strong seasoning, actually anything that smells strongly, is out. Chicken nuggets have continued to play too large a role in my diet. As have crisps. Oops, Must do better. Also the nausea only abates when I am munching on said heart-attack foods so there is a chance that I will gain all my advised pregnancy weight in the next 4 weeks. Oops again. Last night the Monster started retching and was almost sick. I guiltily wonder if she had set up camp too close to the business end of my powerful flatulence. The frequent near-death-by-crushing incidents haven’t taught her not to lie to close to me at night. Perhaps now the message will have gotten through.

TTFN, off to turn the duvet into a gas chamber again x


8 thoughts on “Farting and Feminism

  1. I’ve been very much into mac and cheese, ramen noodles, saltine crackers, pickles, berries, waffles and carrots. Not in one sitting though, those would make some gross combinations. I can’t stand the smell of most foods let alone the taste. This is all so weird isn’t it?

    Hope things settle down over there.

  2. The bloating subsided a bit for me around week 9-10, but alas the farting continues. Also, I also had to give up trying to eat super healthy because after all, you’re trying to make a baby in there–you need food–with the constant nausea it’s easiest to just eat what you’re able to. For me the aversions change all the time: one day only cold food, another day only bread will go down, the next, maybe only soup–so just bear with it! Now that I’m just stepping into my second trimester and the nausea is starting to go away, I’m also able to make more reasonable food choices…because now there is actually a choice!

    • That makes me feel way less guilty. And hopeful. Thanks! I feel like you’re trailblazing for me by being a few weeka ahead. Keep me posted on what to expect 🙂

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