My life sorted it’s self out but my city went to hell in a hand basket.

I’ve mega broken my attempts to blog every day. Apologies to anyone who noticed. All of my internet time has been spend watching the developing events here in Bangkok.

I wont go into all the details but in a nutshell what were peaceful protests, with people gathering in their millions to blow whistles and march, expressing their discontent with the government, have turned violent recently. There were clashes between police and protesters as they tried to gain access to some government buildings and police headquarters. Tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets were used and there were rumors that real bullets and chemicals were also used. All of the incidents were confined to several different areas in the city (no where near where I live). Thankfully there haven’t been any widespread problems.

We’ve been sitting watching with baited breath since Sunday. My school and many others were shut on Monday as a precaution. Things seem to be calming down now as both sides call a truce in order to celebrate the Kings birthday on Thursday (another day off school for me 🙂 ).

One thing that did tickle me was that on Sunday evening, when things were really heating up, there was suddenly a lot of panicked reports of explosions in a busy downtown area. It transpired that a riot hadn’t broken out, in their infinite wisdom the British Club had decided to have a Guy Fawkes Fireworks celebration. A month too late and right in the middle of a political crisis. Genius.

In other news, on the pregnancy front, I am feeling much the same. Nausea is a big, green part of my life right now. I have developed a hard core chicken nugget addiction which is supplemented with bland noodle soup. I am trying to sneak some vitamins in on the sly by chasing my unhealthy food choices with fruits and salad. I’m also drinking milk every day which I haven’t done since we used to be forced to neck warm, cheesy milk cartons in Primary school, that some nitwit had inevitably left next to the radiator. I am young enough that my parents had to pay for my gross, gone off milk. Thanks for that Margaret Thatcher (the milk snatcher).

Um…anything else…oh, how could I forget the gas! My tummy is constantly gurgling away and eruptions bubble up and down with very little warning. I’ll be honest here and say I did blame a stinky one on my students…. it’s difficult to maintain any respect when you’ve just dropped a rotten egg. Apologies kiddies.

I asked WW if I looked pregnant in the outfit I wore to work this morning. She told me no, I just looked like I’d eaten too much. Thanks for that. The scales tell me I haven’t actually gained any weight yet but I guess it’s being redistributed from other areas to my breasts and my belly. I hope it’s coming off my ass.

People at work either think I am knocking at death’s door or a skivving little toe-rag. Neither is helped by my crap lying. I had a few raised eyebrows and comments that I was off for a long time last week. I wanted to stroppily tell them I was losing one of my babies, not taking duvet days but I’m afraid to start telling people this early. Especially with what just happened.

I’m also waking up in the middle of the night for an hour or more which sucks because I’m knackered and I loooooove sleeping.

Other than that I’m feeling good. Roll on Christmas!


6 thoughts on “My life sorted it’s self out but my city went to hell in a hand basket.

  1. That’s scary (the protest stuff). It sounds like keeping at home is pretty safe for you at least. I hope the situation works itself out peacefully.
    That’s too bad about the nausea. At least it’s probably reassuring that the pregnancy is progressing normally? If you need more b-vitamins, you can try adding nutritional yeast to your food, it’s got an almost cheese/nutty flavor to it, and goes well on popcorn.

  2. Wow, that sounds so scary! I’m glad it’s settling down and not happening near your home, though. Sorry about all the pregnancy symptoms – I would definitely have done the same thing in regards to gas, haha!

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