First Ultrasound

Well we had good news and bad news today.

We arrived quite early at the clinic and it was really quiet. There has been a lot of political unrest here recently, I’m not sure if the demonstrations put people off but we were seen in a record 15 minutes.

In the ultrasound room I lay holding WW’s hand (sweatily) while Dr W slowly swished the dildo cam back and forth.

‘There are two sacs,’ he told us, showing us the first. ‘This one is not good. You see the grey? Probably it’s  bleeding inside, that’s why you had pain and bleeding. This is the second. Here is the sac, a good shape. Here is the embryo. You see the fluttering? That’s the heartbeat.’

So we lost one, just like you clever readers predicted but we still have another. The heart rate was 117bpm which seemed low but Dr said anything over 100 was fine.

I feel sad about the loss of one embryo but I suspect it was never developing very well and that’s why we kept having borderline numbers. We are thrilled to have one scrapper still with us. The Dr gave us good odds that the remaining one should be OK, so fingers crossed. Two more weeks until the next ultrasound.

I’m finally home now. Knackered from not sleeping much last night and waking at 4am. Going to take a nap now. Phew.


19 thoughts on “First Ultrasound

  1. I’m both elated and sad for you. My breath actually caught when I read you saw the heartbeat of the one twin. ❤ I'm so sorry for your loss of it's sibling, though. 😦

    • It was a weird moment for us. Thankfully the good news has almost eclipsed the bad. I think it’s easier because we didn’t think there were two so I hadn’t gotten too attached to the idea.

  2. Gosh, it is very thought-provoking that there were two, and now you are lovely and pregnant… But that it could have been double trouble. What is is what is, and as this baby grows, it will eclipse what has just happened, I think. These things happen to so many women, so often. So much potential fizzled, often without any sing it ever was… Mad. Lots of hugs. X

  3. I am so happy to hear this–and relieved that you are still pregnant even though you lost one of the two embryos! You can go back to being preggers and enjoying the nausea (not!). So many hugs to you!!

      • That’s what I’m trying to tell myself, too. It’s all for the pink, wrinkly, screaming prize at the end of this!

        Hoping neither of us has to suffer for the duration of the pregnancy!

        How are you feeling about losing the other embryo? As you said, it probably wasn’t viable from the start, but it’s a loss none the less.

        • Feel OK. A little sad of course but it didn’t feel completely real until I saw the heartbeat for the other. Trying hard not to dwell and just to focus on the positive.

  4. I’m very sorry that you lost one embryo, but I’m so excited for you that you’re still pregnant. Sending all the healthy vibes to your little one 🙂

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