Bed rest day 2

Oh my god, the morning sickness as risen to new nauseating heights. Felt truly awful all morning. I tried all the usual tricks and was eventually saved by a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. It has been better this afternoon. Or rather it has been replaced by a nasty, smelly case of the dtods (flatulence…oh the glamor). Does anyone know if women continue to have strong morning sickness episodes during a miscarriage?

I am being very demanding to WW, who is doing an admirable job of not getting too frustrated by conversations like this:

WW: ‘I’m at the Mall. What do you want for lunch?’

Me: ‘Oh, nothing. I feel too sick to eat anything.’

WW: ‘Are you sure?’

Me ‘Yes, thanks.’

11 minutes later…

Me: ‘WW, I have to have some chicken nuggets. Right now.’

WW: ‘I am almost home now.’

And this…

WW: ‘Do you want some ginger tea?’

Me: ‘Ew, yuck no…oh, actually yes.’

I am not trying to be annoying but I go from sick as a dog to starving with weird cravings in a blink of an eye. Sorry WW.

As I have mentioned before my health insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy or anything pregnancy or birth related. I tried to find additional insurance but was told it was impossible without taking on a ‘joint plan with my husband’. WTF? It occurred to me late last night if this is an ectopic pregnancy we are most likely going to be paying for a D and C out of our own pocket. I have no idea how much that operation costs. I think the only thing more depressing than having to have an abortion would be having to use our IVF fund/bankrupt ourselves in the process.

Oh Buddha, Santa, Thor or anyone else with any control over my body, please help my baby to stick and grow. Please.


10 thoughts on “Bed rest day 2

  1. I can’t imagine the amount of worry you are having. Is your doctor planning to do an ultrasound later this week or next week to see what’s going on in there? I think the morning sickness is a good sign.

  2. It does all sound promising, but let’s wait till Saturday. Sending sticky thoughts your way. Post-its, glue sticks, blue tac (or glue tac as it’s called our here -fair enough as it isn’t yellow?), epoxy resin and elephants superglue. Xxxx

  3. Wishing you super sticky thoughts! I think the sickness/nausea is a good sign, and for your sake I hope there’s still one embryo in there, and that you won’t need anything else now except rest. You’re both in my thoughts. Hugs!!

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