Beta Round Two

Thank you so much for all the well wishes yesterday. It really helped to know that it’s not just WW and myself rooting for thi  pregnancy. 

It turns out my instincts are bullshit. There’s definately still something going on in there. Last week Dr W said we’d be hoping for around 2000, ten times higher than my first levels. My actual number is 3820. My maths is dodgy but that seems significantly higher than the predicted result. Dr W is no longer certain we only have one cooking in there. WW is getting quite edgy.

We’ll have to wait until next Saturday to see….


As for the ‘two truths and a lie’ game I’ll post the answer below the jump.I did marry my first girlfriend. I had had a few boyfriends and a couple of discovery dabbles with a few ladees but WW was my first , proper, healthy official relationship.

I am in fact related to Engelbert Humperdink. It’s a very very distant connection. My father’s second cousin or something. Never met him and I sadly don’t receive free concert tickets but there is a connection.

I do not have a motorbike license and I do drive a bike every day. Fortunately this little snaffo can be sorted out with the local police with an exchange of two pounds or so, or so I’ve heard because, of course, I would never attempt to bribe a government official of any description. 


Thanks again everyone, and good luck!




7 thoughts on “Beta Round Two

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  3. I you google something like beta level doubling calculator you should find a calc where you can see how fast your hCG levels are doubling.

    With me, it turned out my doubling time was quite fast: every 1,6 days.

    At 14dp3dt I was 283
    At 20 dp3dt I was 3736.

    There COULD be a singleton in there….or maybe twins, you never know 🙂

    • It’s nice that there are still some surprises left in this clinical business. I’ll be happy either way, but one sounds like a huge challenge- double trouble could make life very interesting!

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