Two Truths and a Lie

Here is a wee game from Dogs Aren’t Kids, who you should check out if you haven’t already.

Basically I will tell you three things, two of which are true and one of which is a big stinker of a lie. Then you guess which is which in the comments. And post your own two truths and a lie. Easy peasy…or so I thought until I realized all of these should be things I haven’t shared before. Which doesn’t leave a lot. So here  goes…

1. I married my first girlfriend.

2. I am related to Engelbert Humperdink (yes, that’s a real person- look him up!)

3. I have a motorbike license.



So there you have it. Those took me about 15 minutes to come up with. I hope I’m a better liar in text than I am in person.

In other news, here’s a quick symptom update..

  • I am not suffering from the dreaded constipation, thankfully. I credit all the fruit, yoghurt and oat bars I’m munching religiously.
  • I am eating a lot but mostly it’s healthy. Lots of fruit, meat and veg. Haven’t actually been enjoying or craving chocolate for the last few days. But I’m loving crackers and pretzels instead. I am always hungry just before bed so I have a big box of raisins on my nightstand. No matter what I wake up at 5am STARVING every morning.
  • My back is keeping up it’s protest. Lying down in bed and walking are fine but sitting and standing still brings on the burn and sharp flashes of nerve pain.
  • I am breaking new records by peeing every 30 minutes during the day. So I’m getting loads of exercise walking back and forth to the loo.
  • No patience and very short fuse.Quick mood switches. (Sorry students).
  • My attention span has become similar to that of a sugared up 3 year old with ADHD.
  • The Monster has been refusing to cuddle with me since the positive result…jealous already?
  • Very tired. My body feel heavy and flu-ey when I get out of bed in the morning. I take 30 mins-1 hour naps in the afternoon and I am asleep before 9pm. I wake up independently at 5am but then feel tired all morning.
  • I am addicted to ginger tea.

This sounds like a list of moans but it’s not, really. Nothing is really bothering me. Even the back pain, which usually sends me spiraling into a black hole of depression. It’s OK. If it’s part of the deal, I’ll take it.

I am worried though. I feel different from last week and I can’t pin point why. I feel like something has changed or gone wrong. WW was very accepting of my need to pee on a stick last night. Although technically I peed in a cup then used a dropper to add some pee to the test. WW was accepting but still stingy with her test choice :-). It was positive but it might not show any change…agh- roll on Saturday. Why have the last few weeks dragged their feet so??

WW told her mum. Although her mum was happy she wasn’t as excited as she might have been if it was WW who was pregnant. I can understand that but I hope her parents realize that to us, and to the squirt they will be proper grandparents. I hope. But the kind of amazing thing is WW’s mum offered to help us buy a car. Wow! Cars here are taxed 300% so we can’t even afford a rust bucket. It’s quite a relief not to be imagining juggling the shopping and a newborn on the back of a motor bike. WW’s mum is insisting that we buy a brand new car. It will feel so strange to drive around corners and not be soaked by the leak in the roof, like my old Clio. Or stall the engine and have to pop the bonnet in a traffic jam and fiddle with the starter cable, also like my old Clio.

Anyways, how is everyone else getting on at their various different stages? Wanna play ‘Two truths and a lie’?



3 thoughts on “Two Truths and a Lie

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  2. Okay, I’m guessing #3 is a lie completely off the top of my head and I am terrible at these games lol. Since I married my first boyfriend, that is entirely possible. And #2 is just too random to not be true (but you might be tricking us!)

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