Full moon and the cray crays have returned.

Happy Loi Kratong everyone!

We went to the celebrations but I started feeling panicky the minute we arrived so we asked for forgiveness, make our wishes and left super snappy. It was crowded and smoky with all the incense and small children were wielding sparklers, candles and joss sticks too close to me (and each other).

I’ve noticed my anxieties increase in the last couple of weeks. I’m newly terrified of falling down the stairs but I’m also frightened of catching some awful, contagious illness from public banisters so I step down slowly with my hand hovering above, ready to catch on to prevent a tumble. I should add here that I am clumsy but I have never fallen down any stairs. I have also never caught anything from a railing. I am the neurotic consequence of too many drama series. All the population threatening epidemics on TV seem to start in Asia. That was reassuring when I lived in Scotland. Not anymore. And I keep thinking that if there was a zombie apocalypse… OK, no more TV for me.

I haven’t done a test today but I have felt symptomatic enough not to worry too much. I slept for 10 hours last night but still woke at 5 am. I can’t focus on anything complicated book or TV wise. Kids animated movies have been the only thing I’ve concentrated on the whole duration.* Should be fun at work tomorrow.

Last night I was reading a funny blog  and laughing when, without transition or pause, my snorty laughter turned into full on, ugly sobbing.  Hello hormones! WW, hold on, it could be a fun several months.

All I did today was eat. Mostly healthy, I’m proud of me. Actually that’s bullshit. I finally located decent amazing proper British sausages to replace the minging frankfurters they sell here that I refuse to eat, so I had bangers and mash for lunch. I did have some carrots and my mash portion was small. It was SO GOOD! Haven’t had bangers and mash for about 10 years, very happy. I also had a glass of milk (yuck), seeds, oatmeal, yoghurt, breadsticks, little oranges, an apple, oats and honey cereal bar, glass of fresh OJ and a pork, cheese, tomato, cucumber and yellow pepper wrap. And gallons of water.

I love pizza. If I had to live off only one food forever it would be pizza. I haven’t had pizza for weeks.Mmmm…pizza….

Wow, this post has taken a turn for the boring, sorry. You probably don’t need to know my whole day’s menu. This is what happens when I have no pee sticks to show you. If you waded through this crap I apologize. Tomorrow I will try to do better.

Good luck to everyone, where ever you’re at.


*I love kids movies. If I was being honest my favourite movie is probably Finding Nemo or The Sword in the Stone. The only thing better than kids movies? Kids Christmas movies! Come December 1st my tree is going up and we’re on a ‘one-xmas-classic-a-night’ diet until New Years. Can’t wait! ….I can sense your judgement. Scrooge.


10 thoughts on “Full moon and the cray crays have returned.

  1. You’re totally allowed to be a bit crazy 🙂 Isn’t this whole baby making process a bit crazy anyway? Enjoy the hormonal mood swings for me–I have barely had any so far. And I can deal with all the puking for you. Good deal, yes?

    • i’ll take that deal, although you’d better hurry up with you end of the bargain. I’m starting to turn green if I’m not constantly munching on something

        • 😦 that doesn’t sound good. I was given advice to eat little and often. The minute I start to feel queasy I scoff a packet of crackers, it’s working…so far. Is there anything in particular ts you off?

          • Well…I feel queasy non-stop. I may have exaggerated, I don’t puke non-stop, but the nausea is there all the time. Hunger will set me off (so I nibble on something all the time), so will some smells, most of the time moving sets me off an I’m only safe lying down. Right now I’m really struggling at work, thinking I might need to take a few days off. Plus, week 9 is the most vulnerable week for miscarriage…

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