Apparently my veins were crappy today. The nurse had a hard time getting the blood drawn. Then she said a 45 minute wait for results which I believed, silly me. Two hours later I was in the Docs office catching snippets of a conversation in Thai and hoping I had understood correctly. Dr W told me over 100 was good and over 400 meant multiples.

Our number…drum roll please… was….

386. Woohoo!

He said he’s pretty sure it’s not twins but we wont know for sure until Nov 30th when we do the ultra sound. And I have to wait a week to do another blood test. I already warned WW that I probably wont make it that long without more pee sticks.

So lots more of the same pills in the meantime and a intramuscular injection once a week. They got me all stressed out about that injection but the teasing nurse did it and it didn’t hurt at all. I hope I can say the same next Saturday.

We spent the rest of the day with the monkeys and Rox from

It was lovely but knackering. Twins are tricky when they’re tiny babies but now the wee monsters have gone and gotten mobile :-).  Good job Rox is a ridiculously capable Supermum, we struggled to keep up for just one afternoon. It’s so difficult to keep track of them both at the same time. Eek, we’ll hopefully being trying to stop our own little munchkin from zooming them self into trouble soon.

Aghh, another week, hang in there my wee scrapper!



7 thoughts on “Beta

  1. Yessssss!!!! I’m so happy for you, awesome! Was this 14 days past the transfer? When we got our results, they said normal was between 129-520—it varies hugely from person to person. I was at 283 at 14dp3dt.

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