Another day, another pharmacy, another pee stick.

We had a wee argument about it but we got another pee stick. I had an embarrassing moment trying to play charades with the pharmacist before giving up and making WW get it. This one was tiny, also called Orange Test but half the height of the others. Results after the jump.

Sunday is Loi Kratong so we were celebrating today in school. As I understand it this is a festival where you make small floating offerings from banana tree trunks, banana leaves, flowers, candles and joss sticks. Then you float them on the water, asking forgiveness for last years sins and making some wishes for next year. Some also celebrate with the floating lanterns. My favourite part is that couples hold it up and make their wishes together before pushing it into the water together. Β It’s a very nice, pretty ceremony. And I love an excuse to make wishes for healthy babies.

A lot of the kids and teachers get dressed up in Traditional Thai clothes and then all the years groups from kindergarten to the top of secondary are split into groups and go off into workshops to make Kratongs. It was a lovely slushy day that sat well with my slushy hormones.


here’s my little kratong creation πŸ™‚

Symptom check:

  • Bloated. Starting to look a like something is going on south of my belly button.
  • Tired. Tired. And tired some more.
  • Feeling dizzy. I missed one of my usual snack breaks making the Kratongs and felt a little wobbly until I scarfed a yogurt down.
  • I’m doing my granny shuffle again because my back is whingeing.
  • Peeing a lot (even when there are no pee sticks around).
  • Tender boobies.
  • Wanting to eat supper (which I haven’t done since I was 12 and going through a growth spurt)
  • Inability to settle down and concentrate on anything including books, TV, movies…or work.

At the moment I’m feeling good about all these symptoms. Nothing is too unpleasant so far and they reassure me that my little cell ball is still fighting. We’ll see how long until I start really whining πŸ™‚

1 sleep until beta. Fingers crossed. I think WW is going to freak out if I buy any more pee sticks 😦 I want that strong line!


still fighting against all the odds. Keep battling little one!


14 thoughts on “Another day, another pharmacy, another pee stick.

  1. That’s a lovely Thai tradition! I actually really like it and will have to read more about it. I’m anxiously waiting to hear the beta results! Positive thoughts and baby dust to you both!

  2. Fun fact, those tests use antibodies to find the hCG in your pee. While it’s not perfect, how dark the line may be somewhat related to the level of it (it’s not controlled perfectly, it depends on manufacturing consistency). So, that the test results are getting darker and darker, it means that the level of hCG is increasing which means your little passenger is growing his/her placenta well. πŸ™‚ My immunology teacher was expecting a baby when I took the class from her so she talked a lot about baby related science related to immunology.

  3. Ha ha, you really should have got a bag of those cardboard strip tests, you could have done 3 a day and it would have saved you a fortune. They’re less than Β£3 for 30. When’s your beta day? ? X

    • nope,although she hasnt used my stomach as a spring board recently. She stuck close at the beginning when i still felt a little fragile after retrieval but she seems pretty unaware of any changes now.

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