I am getting ready to cheat.

Today we went and bought our first home pregnancy test. We had to go to a different pharmacy as our usual is the aunt of one of my students. I’m not sure if doctor patient confidentiality applies to pharmacists, especially Thai pharmacists who seem to savor a good bit of gossip. I wonder if the whole school is aware of my previously frequent use of hard core pain killers and wondering if I have a problem.

Anyway, we found another pharmacy and picked the most expensive tests. This was quite a small pharmacy so there were no super duper digital tests, just bog standard, plastic, midstream, two pink lines and your on to a winner, hCG test. It assures me it is 99% effective and can detect levels as low as 20 hCG so I am trying not to be put off by the brand name, ‘Dr. Chek Test’. It’s manufactured in Canada, not China so hopefully we’re all good.

But the best part is the price! 1 pound 50 (GBP). For some reason I thought these tests were crazy expensive, like the rest of this process. I can afford these….I could afford lots of these…

I am going to test tomorrow in the am….and then maybe every day after that if WW will let me get away with it 🙂


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