More side effects…which apparently include rambling on about thing unrelated to the original post

I’m back in  with the emotions after riding the happy train for 5 days. I don’t think weekends where I’m not supposed to do much are good for me. I’m sure it wasn’t helped by me watching a documentary called ‘Dear Zachary’ which was amazing but not a good choice for those in a fragile emotional state.

Yesterday and today I have been hit with waves of nausea, headaches, hot spells and  dizziness. These were triggered after spending 5 minutes outside in the humidity. It’s always hot here but it’s really not too bad by our usual standards. I was just supervising the Monster’s bathroon breaks, not running a marathon in the sun, for goodness sake.

I’ve also lost more weight which totals 4 kg lost since my period this month. I’ve eaten loads but not my usual junk. Maybe my body is reacting to a loss of beer and pizza. Maybe it’s stress. Either way I doubt it’s helping my cause. I think it’s the only time in my life I haven’t been thrilled by weight loss.

I’ve decided I’m going to take a home pregnancy test on Thursday morning, which will be 11 days after my 3 day transfer. I want the first wave of dissappointment to happen at home in private.

The last time I peed on a stick was about 6 years ago. I came home from Uni and my mum asked if I might be pregnant because I’d gained a ton of weight. Back then I will still in denial mode and dating guys. Plus I had gained about 20kg in a year so I hoped I was. Nope. Just fat.

Some time after that I dumped my waste of space, alcoholic, useless boyfriend. quit the job that I hated, packed all my worldly belongings into my clapped-out Clio and drove north for 8 hours to my parents.

In the next 5 months I lost the 20 kg. I started by going to the gym but the trainer told me dieting was the only way I would really see a difference. I made up my own diet that made sense to me. I ate as much fruit, vegetables and lean meat and egg whites as I wanted so I never felt hungry. I avoided almost everything else. If I was desperate for a treat I would have one or two squares of dark chocolate or a few breadsticks and some light light cream cheese. I didn’t drink often but when I did I only had spirits and diet mixers.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending this for anyone, I’m just stating what I did.

Since then I have kept the weight off although I fluctuate a few kilos up and down with stress and happiness.  I mostly eat what I want although I am much more careful and aware of my consumption of the shitty carbs. If I notice the scales creeping too high I cool it with WW’s baking for a bit.

Anyways, I digress. After losing the weight I went and got accepted to a competitive teacher training course and I got the travel bug working abroad in the summer. I finished the grueling and very stressful year of training, sailed through the 1 year probation and turned my back on Scotland, taking my newly achieved fully qualified status abroad.

Hmm, why did I tell you all of that? I am turning into Billy Connelly. Sometimes when I’m blogging it’s like I’m three sheets to the wind but I haven’t touched a drop since my wee holiday, cross my heart.

Anyway, how are you all doing out there? I hope you haven’t been put off by my prattling on about nothing. I know several of you have had some big steps recently and I wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully I’ll be simultaneously congratulating you and being green with envy soon!



4 thoughts on “More side effects…which apparently include rambling on about thing unrelated to the original post

  1. I gained weight in school too, I was underweight before it though, so it’s fair enough. I’m taking up exercise now for strength training (I’m paranoid my sedentary lifestyle will make pregnancy harder on me). I’m hoping for a really happy post from you on Thursday. 🙂

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