Progesterone, why you make me so crazy?

Half way through the longest two weeks ever. Exactly one week ago I was having the most satisfying pee ever. Prepare yourself for a super whiney vaginey update.

Some of my symptoms have not actually been too bad recently. After the first two days I stopoed crying at every little thing and I haven’t been too moody (maybe WW wil disagree).

My vajayjais still not a happy place unfortuntely. Messy yoghurt soakings have become a daily part of my ivf routine.

I always go to bed early but 8.30is pretty impressive, even for me. I’ve been waking up with nutty nightmares about everything from my parents disowning me, to the Monster getting hurt, to being strangled by my socks. I’m waking up to pee every few hours and havig to drink water through the night to avoid headaches also. Then, as the cherry on the cake I wake up at 5am every morning, much to WW and the Monster’s disgust.

To begin with I had a bit of a traffic jam in the bathroom department but good old oats and honey granola bars got things moving again, yay!

I have been feeling quite crampy on and off, especially when I’ve been walking around or walking up stairs at work. This is the hardest one because it gets my hopes up.

I’ve been very well behaved foodwise. Lots of protein, fruit and veg. I had a big ‘woops’ meal yesterday with some fried chicken and chocolate brownie, but I’ve been back on the wagon since then. Lots of pineapple and ginger tea, very little movement.

This will all totally be worth it if it works. I will treasure every itchy, fiery moment. I will relish morning sickness, constipation, hemorrhoids, weight gain, stretch marks, acne, sleeplessness, back pain- everything! Well, I mean I’ll probably have a wee moan about it, I’m no saint, but I will always remember how lucky I am, I promise.


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