A Call to All to Save My Sanity

Dear readers,

I write to you today because I have finally reached my limit with everything baby/pregnancy/Ivf related. What I used to find interesting now just makes me cry. I need recommendations. Ingenious WW has worked out how to get the internet to provide everything we need but I don’t know what to direct her to.

Books: I loved ‘and the mountains echoed’, ‘the hunger games’, ‘harry potter’, the game of thrones books, the Tina Fey autobiography and a ton more. I’m looking for something action based or humour. No romcoms/vapid chic lit or anything sad- I am dehydrated from crying already.

TV series: I am watching American Horror Story, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead and Dowton Abbey. I had to stop watching Call the Midwives but have recently discovered 30 Rock and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Can you think or any more?

Movies: Snarky funny, not slapstick. Nothing with Adam Sandler. Recently enjoyed ‘the way way back’, ‘bridesmaids’ and ‘world war z’ 

So please, throw me some suggestions of funny things, horror or mindless action movies to help me get through an hour or so without the hormone pills getting the best of me emotionally. No suggestion will be dismissed except  anything starring Ben Stiller or any book written by Jane Green.

Many thanks. 

Warm regards and baby dust for all



11 thoughts on “A Call to All to Save My Sanity

  1. Oh la la, I love your recommendations! I am going to check em out!

    I discovered an Animal Planet show on NetFlix called “Too Cute” which chronicle puppies and kittens in their first few weeks. It took my mind off of babies and made me very happy.

    Hang in there!!

  2. Parks and Recreation is a great show (and I think it’s on season 6 or so). Arrested Development is fun and utterly free of babies.

    Have you considered taking up knitting? I find it to be very relaxing, it gives my hands something to do and I feel productive for doing it.

    • Cool, I haven’t watched either ofthose, I’ll check them out. I have tried knitting…after 30 minutes I threatened to stab my instructor in the eye because I found it so frustrating. It kept unravelling when I tried to move to the next row. Thanks for the suggestion though, would be a great plan if I had one iota of patience 😀

  3. Hmmm box sets. .. breaking bad, true blood, orange is the new black, girls.
    Books: His dark materials by Phillip Pullman, Oryx and Crake and anything else by Margaret Atwood
    Any good films let me know!

    • We totally have the same taste in TV. I loved all of those. I read Pullman but not.the others so I’ll check it out, thanks. Movies wise Id also recommend the Kings od Summer. Like an more adult Stand By Me, another classic if you haven’t seen it already.

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