Uh Oh

WW: “Baby, do you love me?”

Me: ” Of course. Do you doubt it?”



“Sometimes I think you love your blog, or the Monster or IVF more than me.”

“Don’t you think it’s good that I have an interest?”

“It’s not interest, it’s obsession.”

Touche, Wonderful Wife, touche!




We were expecting my clinic to call on Saturday at lunch time but we got a call from the big friendly teasing nurse at 8pm last night instead. She told WW I was to come in at 4pm tomorrow and then hung up. I immediately switched from drowsy (yes, we were in bed. 7.30pm is my new bed time- so what?) and kicked it up into high gear anxiety. I made WW phone back with a list of questions. Where they planning on doing the transfer? How many eggs made it this far? 

3 out of 8 little embies have made it this far so we are looking at transfering 3 on the third day after they shook hand with their spermy partner.

I permitted myself a half an hour consultation with Dr Google before I accepted that she was unable to tell me if they would make it all the way. WW and I had a Scary Financial Discussion about how many times we could afford to do this process. We waded around in the bog of doom and gloom for a while. Then I forced myself to go to sleep, waaaay past my bed time (maybe 10pm- the horror!). Now I’m awake at 5.30am facing a day of 16 back-to-back 10minute parents interview with fussy, difficult, paying-a-shit-ton-of-dabloons parents, a fight through horrible traffic, a transfer we know might not work and trying to get home in the rush hour with out jiggling my womb around like an earthquake. 

Are you basking in the positivity? 

Good luck with your fjghts everyone, I hope you in a better place than me today.

Over and out.


7 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. Aghh it sucks when the fear creeps in. Good luck for tomorrow, have everything crossed for you. My stupid lining isn’t thick enough so have to wait a while other week. 😦

      • I wish we were. I think I’m starting to understand why 2 day transfers are less common. It’s nothing to do with viability or where is best for our little ones it’s to do with the fact that you’re going insane before you even get to blastocyst stage! Ha ha. In fact just had a thought, are you having a blastocyst transferred? ? If so you’ve caught me up!! I’ve always been a bit on the slow side lol xx

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