All systems are go!



Womb lining extra thick and squishy- check. Small, wet-soap-like bullets to shove into my woohoo twice a day- check. More pills to add to the 50 million I am already forcing down my throat 4 times a day- check. We are a go on transfer this month on my side, just waiting to see how the little ‘uns develop.

We have 7 frozen straws containing 27 eggs which have just started to divide. We decided to defrost 8 (2 straws) and start the dividing process this try. How early we transfer depends on how well they grow. If we have lots of kamikaze eggs then we’ll transfer on Saturday. If we have some sturdy, shatter-proof little eggs then we wait until Monday.

I’ve said it on behalf of a few other bloggers, now it’s my turn- divide and conquer, little embryos!!!

PS. As you can see I’m staying calm and in control about the whole thing. Positively nonchalant.


8 thoughts on “All systems are go!

    • Thanks, I’m sure I’ll be sharing some random thoughts during that time to keep myself from going craaaazy. Make sure you are providing distractions for the rest of us too 🙂

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