Dumb…stuff people say about same sex families.

My real title is ‘Dumb shit people say about same sex families’ but I don’t want to offend anyone with my coarse language. This rant list is made up of things that have been said directly to me, conveyed to me or things which have been said in the mass media. Hold on to your hats, I’m climbing onto that soapbox.

Same sex families are going to hell. My answer to this, the war cry of many a homophobe, could go on for many thousands of words as I rehash many well known arguments. I could question the perfection of a book created by men, not God directly. I could query why this aspect of the Bible still gets people all worked up, whereas the other old fashioned directions have fallen by the wayside? I could comment that if God created everything in his image didn’t He deliberately add a little fabulous, gay sparkle to liven things up a bit?  I could suggest that perhaps the judging should be left to the Big Man Upstairs. I could wonder if any supreme being would damn my innocent kids for who their mothers love. I could suggest that Jesus might be more down with a couple of loved-up lesbos than hate-spreading bible bashers. I will endeavor to rise about this statement of stupidity and refrain from antagonistic comments such as ‘Awesome, I enjoy warm weather.

 Does that mean your kids will be gay?

   jennifer lawrence                                                         

     Yeah, uh huh, sure. Because a straight couple never raised any gay kids. We only breed our own. And if they do (heaven forbid) turn out to be straight we will beat it out of them and send them to groups that will brainwash the straight out of them. Or threaten them with an afterlife eternity of pain and torture. It seems to work well going in the other direction.

Kids need to have a mother and a father. Why? Please describe the qualities or a mother. And now a father. Are these qualities gender exclusive? I think we have moved away from 50s stereotypes about parents so why do we have to have both a vagin.a and a peni.s in the mix? What has that got to do with anything? Not to mention the scientific studies which show kids in same sex families are just as well balanced as those with a mother and a father (click here, here, and here).

It’s not natural (a comment from a gay woman to me). No, you see many, many years ago we moved on from the man with the hairy, leopard print undies dragging his knuckles out to bash a woman in a tiger print bikini over the head, carry her back to his cave and impregnate her. Since then we’ve had great inventions like the wheel and medicine and amazon.com. By your reasoning sickness is natural and medicine is not. Perhaps God is suggesting you are wanted in cloud city by sending millions of germs your way, are you going to refuse the doctor’s antibiotics? What about if your heart stopped beating, will you accept treatment? So why is it not OK for me and millions of other people who have fertility problems to seek treatment??

Will the non-biological mum be able to bond with the child? natalie portman( a question from a gay man to me) I’m yet to hear of a baby shouting ‘Get away from me! You’re not my real mum!’ to a non-biological parent. Nor am I aware of infants sensing ‘ah, yes- you are the one who sent the swimmers into my milk provider and created me. I don’t think little babies’ bonding has anything to do with whose vajayjay they forced themselves out of or whose tadpoles were involved.

But how did she get pregnant? tumblr_lxvjmtu4E21qhekreImmaculate conception. It’s happened before, there was this bestseller book about it.

I won’t have kids because I don’t think it’s fair when they will get bullied so much. (gay man’s comment to me) Should red-headed parents worry about reproducing lest their kids are teased for their hair color? Or people who don’t have the same color skin as others around them? Or people who are too fat, thin, tall or short? Or people with funny surnames? Newsflash- kids are mean. Of course I worry about teasing for my future kids but I think most parents do. Unfortunately teasing is something most kids will have to endure. Hopefully we can teach them to find good coping mechanisms and not to tease others themselves.

….and breathe. To be continued…

Please add your own examples of dumb shit people have said to you in the comments, lets share the stupidity 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dumb…stuff people say about same sex families.

  1. People are so frikkin stupid. So many straight people can just knock out baby after baby (not me obviously!) that they don’t want or love, whereas you and WW are prepared to go through this v physically, emotionally and financially draining process to have the chance to have a loving and supportive family. The world is built wrong. Children should be given out on the basis of a ‘dipstick of the soul’ test and not if you have opposite/perfectly functioning reproductive bits.
    I’ve had TWO of DH’s brothers offer to ‘do the job’ for him, despite there being nothing wrong with his sperm. Delightful.

    • Hear, hear or is it here, here- I’m not sure. Wow, the brothers’ comments definitely make the list, pillocks. Loving the ‘dipstick of the soul’ idea. Boo to all the people accidentally having unwanted babies, direct their baby dust our way please.

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