Wait times and the munchies

I got to my doctor’s clinic at 3. It’s now 5. Still no dildocam. Bleugh. We always seem to be here waiting for hours and starving around meal times. The clinic have dealt with this by offering a range of snacks. No mere plate of biscuits and cup of tea for us.


I’m not sure if you can see clearly but I’m sure no doctor would recommend this salt and sugar fest for anyone, let alone pregnant ladies and women trying to conceive. But I eat it anyway.

There are not many other forms of entertainment. Thai soaps, magazines and patients make for a very bored westerner.

I’m hoping we get seen soon. The typhoon hit us yesterday and we already spent the day surfing around on the motorbike in ankle deep water. I’m a bit worried about our long journey home.

***Be right back****

I got called in right in the middle of blogging, sorry. Anyways turns out as much as I have read I still haven’t got this complicated IVF process figured out. No dildocam for me today (completely gutted). The hormone levels in my blood are good and we’re a go on a frozen transfer this month. In the meantime I’ve got to start making my womb more homely and cozy in preparation for the coming visitors. A complicated regimen of oral estrogen pills- two a day for three days, three a day for four days and four a day for five days, coupled with some gel I have to rub on my belly. No pessaries yet (my woohoo met with another crushing disappointment) and swimming at the beach next week…if it ever stops raining. Back for dildocam on the 30th and then a transfer maybe three or four days after that. More waiting but I’m sure all these hormones I’ll be taking will give me something to blog about. Any side-effects to look out for ladies?

All the best with your journeys, whatever stage you’re at!




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