There’s a storm a-brewing!

Today I may have raised my blood pressure by ten points, roaring at some children who were running in the corridor. Normally I would call nicely, ‘Walk, please,’ and roll my eyes when they didn’t listen. Today I rattled the displays and gave myself a sore throat and a headache. Welcome to PMS day 4. Still not riding the cotton pony :-(.

Countdown to holidays: 4 more teaching days. Countdown to beach 7 more sleeps. C’mon body, cooperate with me please. There is still time for me to be able to wear a bikini with confidence.

It seems Mother Nature is also having fun using different avenues; there’s also a tropical storm heading our way. This might put a dampener on our plans (pardon the pun). One of my favourite things about Asia is that here it’s trendy to be pale so I don’t have to torture myself on the beach tanning in the 40 degree heat and humidity. I don’t mind if it’s not sunny when we arrive in paradise, all I’m asking for is some breaks in the rain so I can bob about with a snorkel and try and spot a Nemo fish. And for my hotel to be strong enough to withstand a tropical storm without losing its roof or electricity or WIFI or something. Whatever, I’m sure we’ll make the most of it.

It just occurred to me though, don’t they give you pessaries when you’re preparing for a frozen embryo transfer (the fun keeps on rolling!) ? Is that for the whole first half of your cycle? I guess I should accept that there’s probably going to be no Nemo sightings for me. Oh well, there’s always next time. Will have to make some kind of plan though if my two beach activities- swimming and drinking cocktails are out.

at least I’ll avoid a moment like this

News on other fronts, the ‘gayest birthday cake ever’ seemed to be a hit.

I am turning into a proper old fuddy-duddy though. I’m not drinking at the moment and I started yawning at the party at 9. By 11 we had finally said our goodbyes and started the hour + journey home. I then briefly morphed into my mother in the taxi as I realized the reason we were drifting periodically into other lanes on the dual carriage way was because the taxi driver was closing his eyes for several seconds at a time and jerking awake. Quite unnerving when you’re nipping along at 80kms an hour on a dark night. But we survived, thankfully. WW suggested that we buy a car seat if (when) we get ‘in the family way’, which cracked me up slightly as less than 10% of taxis we ride in have seatbelts and I don’t think the seats are quite as safe if they’re loose on the back seat. But don’t worry, all the drivers are really safe and careful…

I am bored with feeling grumpy and pms-y. Does anyone have any suggestions of thing they do to get out of a funk and take their minds off the waiting? Also tips on finding the motivation to partake in activities that don’t involve my butt touching the sofa would be appreciated. Gracias!


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