Starting IVF Treatment

IVF cartoon

I was a bit harsh on my clinic to begin with but I have come around. There are negatives but also positives.

Negative: Lack of discretion    Positive: Great gossip from Big Boisterous Nurse translated by Wonderful Wife

Negative: Crazy long waits and appointment times always later by over 40 mins       Positive: Great snacks to munch on while waiting.

Negative: Not understanding anything the nurses say.    Positive: Not understanding the constant teasing from BBN

I am coming to terms with my ‘single mum’ status and I think we’ve been rumbled anyway at least by BBN. We are now in a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ situation but WW comes with me to all appointments and stays with me while I get naked for dildo cam etc. Plus BBN has told us about a few other lesbian couples and the weird and wonderful stories they concoct to hide their relationship status.

Anyway after a bumpy start I’ve grown to like the clinic which is good because I spent a lot of time there during the last few weeks. We live outside the city. It takes us about an hour and a half to leave our green, leafy suburbia and battle our way into the crowded, polluted, smelly city. Travel plus waiting, not to mention fighting our way through rush hour or the monsoon downpours we keep having mean that every appointment wipes out a good chunk of time.

I started treatment with the great news that Tha.iland had just approved a new drug that meant to begin I only had one injection every 7 days rather than every day. Wonderful. So after said injection and standard jesting from BBN we were on our way, to return several days later for more time with dildo cam. My first dilo cam before the ivf drugs showed I had 17 follicles ready to start growing.

5 days after the injection I had 27 and the doctor announced it was time to switch to two injections daily. He told us we could come and have the nurse inject me or I could learn to do it at home. Yeah right, as if I could learn. BBN’s first teasing session was triggered by me going green and having to turn away when they took a blood sample in my first visit. There’s no way I was sticking something in my own belly. But luckily WW stepped up and saved us more commutes. The brought in Smiley Nurse who tried to explain the complicated procedure in broken English. I was trying not to faint and not to panic at the increasing look of confusion on WW’s face as SN got herself more and more confused. Thankfully we were saved by BBN coming to the rescue just before WW started moving toward me with big, scary needles. She explained it well, in Thai so WW (the only one listening anyway) understood and soon we were on our way home, setting off the metal detectors in the underground with my big bag of needles.

WW did a good job of the injections but it still sucked. We went back to the clinic on Monday and dildo-cam revealed I had 32 follicles. 32!

Now, as I mentioned before I like to read a lot and google a lot. And read IVF blogs. A lot! One scary story I read was about a woman who had to be hospitalized due to OHSS. I had never heard of this complication before and so naturally I wiki’d it and scared myself some more. So when Doctor W, told me I was harboring 32 follicles in my tender, bloated, gassy belly I was kind of terrified and immediately asked about OHSS.

After a short discussion Doctor W and WW decided it would be better and safer to retrieve the eggs, fertilize and freeze the embryos to transfer next month.  I was disappointed but too scared to argue with WW who compared it to my rush to buy the Monster (our ridiculously high maintenance dog who I bought from a breeder I didn’t check out properly because I was so desperate and impatient to have a puppy. Now we’re saddled with a dog who is constantly ill and requiring monthly vets check ups, expensive skin problem medication and has spent more of her short life wearing a cone than not).

So we’re waiting.


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