IVF Egg Retrieval


I was so ready for the retrieval. Previously I was thinking I had gotten off lightly with almost no side effects from the IVF meds apart from an incredible thirst and the accompanying necessity of peeing every hour. Then two days before retrieval my stomach popped and I started walking like a pregnant lady. Plus my boobs became too sore to touch.

By the night before retrieval I was walking like a 6 month pregnant lady with the bloat to match. Although that may have been caused in part by over indulgence at a salad and steak buffet in preparation for a half day fast the next morning.

I slept really well considering usually I’m a stress head, losing sleep at the slightest thing. The next morning I went to work for two lessons, kept really busy and distracted by rowdy kids then I nipped home to change and headed into the city with WW.

At the empty clinic we were shown into a private recovery room, I got my sexy on with a gown and hat and then signed all the insurance waivers. I was a little naughty at one point. The paperwork said husband and wife should sign off that if one of them dies the other can still use the embryos which resulted from the treatment. I ticked these options and specified myself as ‘wife’ and WW and ‘husband’. I don’t know if it will stand for anything in the end but hopefully we’ll never need to find out.

Scary paperwork over I was soon shown into the operating room. I embarrassed myself by trying to ‘spread ’em’ too early and had an awkward conversation with the anesthesiologist while we waited for Doctor W. He arrived, said a quick sawasdee and I was put under in about 3 seconds flat.

It was the first time I had been put under and I really freaked out when coming out of it. I was really, really sore and groggy and confused. Poor WW was quite worried. After a few minutes and some cuddling I calmed down a little and was offered an arcoxia tablet which I am very familiar with due to ongoing back problems. The pill took a while to kick in so I wasn’t too happy in the bumpy, slow taxi home.

I was supposed to go back to work today but I am still very sore, bloated, gassy and immobile so I had to phone in sick this morning. Luckily I have a great, supportive boss who I told about our IVF treatment and has been really understanding. Poor WW had been running around looking after me and the Monster who was up all night howling in her crate for some unknown reason. She then slept on the bed all day with me today so will probably gear herself up for more shenanigans tonight.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. Don’t feel like another uncomfortable night in bed. Did anyone else struggle with recovery from retrieval? How long until the bloated, gassiness subsides? Is there anything I can do to help ease it?


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